Basic Witch  Halloween Heart Necklace
Basic Witch  Halloween Heart Necklace
Basic Witch  Halloween Heart Necklace

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Our Basic Witch Heart Necklace gets straight to the point, without all of the hocus pocus. A simple heart-shaped pendant with the words WITCH embossed in blac

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Basic Witch With Trouble Brewing

You say "witch" like it's a bad thing? Our Basic Witch Heart Necklace gets straight to the point, without all of the hocus pocus and black magic. 

Whether you're a practicing witch, or it just comes naturally this necklace will show off that you're a witch at heart.  Its simplicity is so captivating you may just want to get one for each of the besties in your coven. It will provide a fair warning to others that trouble is brewing. #SquadGhouls

This necklace is Charmed with a simple heart-shaped pendant displaying the words WITCH embossed in black. It can be worn year-round to compliment your witchy lifestyle or you can save it for special occasions like Halloween, PTA meetings, and family reunions.

If ever there was a bewitching necklace, this would be it! In a subtle yet in your face way, it proudly labels you as a witch. A must-have accessory for the witchy woman that really knows how to drive a stick. It's also a charming gift for your best pal that would never think of ghosting you. If you've got it, haunt it!

If you're looking for an easy Halloween costume, just pop this bad boy on, and call it a night.

One necklace. Silver plated necklace measures approximately 18 inches long. Heart shape pendant metal is nickel free zinc alloy and measures approximately 1.3 inches tall x 1.3 inches wide.  Cheers witches! Our Basic Witch Heart Necklace will put a spell on you.

Basic Witch  Halloween Heart Necklace
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Great necklace all year round for all witches

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