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Woke AF Mug

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You awake?

The cheeky double entendre of our Woke AF Mug just makes us smile ear-to-ear! You know, like that feeling you get when someone asks if you would like some more coffee while they're up! Or you just found that someone brought frosted donuts in the office to share!

Sorry, we got sidetracked there for a minute. Mmm... donuts.

Raise and praise your conspiracy theory awareness along with your mug! Cheers to you! For allowing your cup to runneth over with knowledge, insight, and a higher level of understanding to what's going on around you! And clearly one couldn't reach such levels of woke'ness without a healthy serving of coffee or tea to get you on a level plain. 

This mug says a lot about you without having to utter a word before your first cup kicks in, and you're actually awake AF (as fuck).

White porcelain mug with fresh AF graphics. Holds a generous 16 oz of coffee, tea, or whatever you please! Due to the gold letting this mug is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe. But, hey! That's the price you pay for looking so fancy! Measures approximately 4 inches wide x 4.25 inches tall x 5.25 inches long. Comes in an open, gift-worthy box. Designed by Fred Studio. Our Woke AF Mug is transcendent AF.

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