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Work Farce Game

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Today, its hard enough to find a job, let alone your dream job!  But if you still have the faith that you can do whatever you want when you grow up, our Work Farce Game will help you discover what you are or are not cut out for!  Its highly improbable that you will actually discover your next career, but this game will have you laughing as you gain zero knowledge about your future occupation!

Will you go into proctology or donut-making?  Perhaps youll be a politician!  Lets be serious, youre probably going to be pet food tester!

So, put down those career tests and stop seeing those expensive counselors and join in on the fun!  The game is very simple.  All you have to do is answer simple multiple choice questions!  The Work Farce game is perfect for new grads, post grads, gainfully unemployed and the painfully employed!

Includes 50 career cards to guide you towards your true calling.  Cards measure 5.25 inches long x 3.75 inches wide.


Gift Ideas

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