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World's Okay-ish Mom Award Ribbon


You're okay...

Our World's Okay-ish Mom Award Ribbon is a special award for all those moms out there that put in the effort but also strongly believe in free range kids. So you’re the world’s okay-ish mom... we're all just trying our best to not raise narcissistic a-holes before they turn into adults... right?

Let’s face it though, perfect moms can be the absolute worst, what with their spotless car seats, healthy organic snacks packed neatly in recyclable containers and quick-draw first aid kits. Okay moms are where you want to live: sippy cup wine, the five-second rule and loads of naps. Mmmmm... naps.

Give someone a gentle ribbing with the World's Okay-ish Mom Ribbon. Bonus if there is an accompanying ceremony with a large crowd!

Okay-ish Mom Ribbon made of gold stamped satin. Measures 7.5 inches long x 2 inches wide.

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