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World's Smallest Silly Putty Set


Looking to stretch your imagination?

Our World's Smallest Silly Putty encourages big time fun in a pint sized package! 

Contained within a tiny version of the iconic Silly Putty egg, just like the original! There are two per package and each egg is filled with authentic Silly Putty.

Pull it! Stretch it! Mold it! Bounce it! And remember, you had not truly lived until you magically copied a Garfield cartoon onto a slab of putty. And no, newbies, this will not copy an image from your kindle. Find some newspaper for crying out loud. It's a wonder toy from the 20th century, and now DAMN we feel old!

Includes 2 miniature versions of the original Silly Putty ggs. Our World's Smallest Silly Putty are big time fun!

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