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World's Smallest Smooshy Mushy



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Time to open your new bestie!

Unwrap an amazing experience with our World’s Smallest Smooshy Mushy Pets. Your Smooshy Musly will arrive in an totally adorbs sippy milk container.

Inside your sippy milk container, you will discover an adorable squishy pet, a flat bestie keychain and a sticker.  Smoosh over and over again. 

Even if our lives depended on it... we have no way of telling which Smooshy is in the packaging!! 

You'll randomly get ONE of these:

  • Bitsy Bunny
  • Frankie Frenchy
  • Kaley Kitty
  • Lolli Lamb
  • Suki Squirrel
  • Felina Fawn

One. Includes squishy pet, keychain and sticker. Recommended ages 6 and up. 

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