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Yard Goods Fact-O-Meter Thermometer



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Cringe at the idea of small talk?  How much could you possibly say about the weather?  Ugh!  Don't fret!  Allow our Yard Goods Fact-O-Meter Thermometer to come to the rescue!

Soon you'll be able to drop gems such as... 'It's as warm as the inside of a kangaroo pouch out here!' or matter-of-factly state, 'This is the temperature when extra strength deodorant stops working.' like a boss.

Displaying the accurate temperature and featuring amusing facts that are 97% mostly true, it's a great gift for any trivia buff, budding meteorologist or friend who prefers their humidity with a side of humor.  With a range of information from the hottest recorded temperature on earth to the point when antifreeze freezes, it's guaranteed to amuse and inform all year long!

Sturdy, enamel-coated steel construction and packed in full-color gift box.  Measures 4.5 inches wide x 2 inches high x 8.5 inches deep.

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