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You Otter Know! Socks
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You Otter Know! Socks

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Our You Otter Know! Socks will offer you some guidance on what to get your significant otter, when you feel like your up Shit's Creek without a paddle in the gift giving area!

You know when otters sleep they hold hands so they don't drift apart, right? So if you want to impress your significant otter, these socks are the way to go! They're adorably designed to look like they're floating on their backs, resting, while they eat a light snack. Sure seems like they've got their stuff together!

What's that? You thought they were beavers? They're not beavers. Get otter here. You otter be ashamed of yourself! You clearly have them confused with someone that builds a dam.

So if you love otters as much as they love each other, you'll try your darndest to never split this pair apart! Wanna know some more otter facts? Here's some you otter know! While they're very social animals they tend to mate for life. They're nocturnal, they hunt at night, and our personal favorite - a group of otters is called a raft!

One set of adorable otter socks. Fits women's shoe size 5-10. Made of Cotton and Spandex. Our You Otter Know! Socks are a perfect match!