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You Wanna Piece of This Oven Mitt


Go on and take it.

Our aggressively coy You Wanna Piece of This Oven Mitt will strike a chord with all of the food pushers out there. We're looking at you Grandma!

Sorry, did that sound like a threat? What I meant was that you'd be reallllllly sorry if you didn't take a slice.

Looking for a gift for your favorite savage kitchen diva? It's as easy as pie - you're staring at it right in the eye.

Featuring a comfy, natural-fitting shape features extra-quilted insulation, so hands stay cool. 

Super-insulated. 100% cotton. Screen-printed in rich colors. Vintage cream with pink and orange accents.  Mitten measures approximately 12.5 inches long x 7.5 inches wide. Our You Wanna Piece of This Oven Mitt is still waiting for an answer.

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