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You're Excited About An Air Fryer Birthday Card


This fridge makes that bullet ice!!!

This Air Fryer Birthday Card pokes fun at the fact that our tastes, hobbies and wants change over the years. In our twenties, we never stayed home and were always looking forward to a party or club night. Nowadays we're looking forward to not leaving the house, eating delicious food and watching a good movie or show.

No need to fight it... resistance is futile. Embrace it... hug it tight and enjoy it! We've become more refined, mature and enjoy simpler, but better things in life. We still like to go out and have fun, but hangovers were hard enough in our twenties... don't need those now. We like drinking wine while the robot vacuum sweeps the floor.

Front of the says - One minute you're young and fun...and the next minute you're getting excited about an air fryer.
Inside greeting says - Hope your day is more exciting than your favorite appliance! Happy Birthday!

  • 100% post consumer recycled paper
  • VOC free vegetable-based vibra-color printing
  • Chlorine-free processing
  • Print and production is 100% solar
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Air Fryer Birthday Card measures 5" x 7" with matching ARTvelope. Not only is all paper processed chlorine free, but it is Green-e certified and made with electricity generated from wind power. Not to be outdone, the envelope paper is produced from 80% reclaimed wheat straw, an agricultural by product. Proudly Made in the USA!

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