• Zoodlers Cat Paw Crayons
  • Cat Paw Crayons
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  • Zoodlers Cat Paw Crayons
  • Zoodlers Cat Paw Crayons
  • Zoodlers Cat Paw Crayons

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Zoodlers Cat Paw Crayons

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If you're looking for fun by the foot our Zoodlers Cat Paw Crayons are a simply meow-nificent find!

Whether you're cat scratching some ideas down on paper (or sitting there patiently staring at the paper waiting for your cat to move off of said paper) these crayons are the cat's meow!

Zoodlers Cat Paw Crayons bring a whimsical splash of color to your world with cat paws that dance across your paper. The six vibrant colors included will inspire the scrawl of the wild. Meow if you think for even a meow-ment any and all cat lovers wouldn't enjoy this as a gift, you've cat to be out of your mind! They'll be purring up a storm and feline fine once they unwrap this gift (and throw the wrapping paper on the floor for their cats to enjoy, of course!)

These cleverly shaped crayons are non-toxic, are made of plasticized wax, and are flake-free and smudge proof! And 100% kitty cat approved!

Includes a 6-pack of fun crayons with dinosaur shaped feet. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo. Pack measures approximately 4.53 inches wide x 0.89 inches tall x 4.76 inches long. Our Zoodlers Cat Paw Crayons is a pawsitively purrfect stocking stuffer!


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