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Kitty Keys



It had been a tiring day, all you wanted to do was get home and grab a quick cat nap before meeting friends out at the Kit-Kat club. Walking up from the subway, the strap on your clutch broke, dropping it to the ground & spilling all your everything everywhere. Passerby stepped obviously over you as you scrambled to gather your goods.

Standing in front of your apartment door, bedraggled, looking like something the cat dragged it - you reached for your door key. Suddenly things felt a bit rosier. A litter of kitties meowed brightly at you from your open hand. KittyKeys to the rescue!

Are you constantly feline around for the right key? Get organized with these six personable pussycats.

They're color coded to help your cat-like-reflexes choose the right key for the lock.

Silicone. Set of 6.

Part # : KEYS-1944

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