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Bag Of Unicorn Farts


Top Unicorn Gift!

Ode to Bag of Unicorn Farts  |  Sugar is sweet, lemons are tart.  |  We love you more than a Bag of Unicorn Farts!

A perfect gift for the lovers, the dreamers and you!  It's not an illusion... we've captured the essence of unicorn farts in a relentlessly cheerful gift bag for your friend or loved one in need of some magical healing!

The unicorn farts inside this bag are produced by free-range unicorns that donate them to the world. The farts are locally sourced and best of all gluten-free. Made In The USA!

Mmm, Unicorn Farts!

  • 100% Magical
  • 100% Majestic
  • 100% Mythical

Looking for an uplifting gift for your favorite unicorn lover?  Let their cares float away on a cloud of unicorn farts (aka cotton candy) and a rainbow of smiles!  Guaranteed to bring a smile or a snort!  Because farts are funny and Unicorns are awesome!

New 2018 Product Packaging!  One bag of Unicorn Farts (aka fruit punch cotton candy) 9.75 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide. 10% of all profits from our Bag Of Unicorn Farts are donated to the Unicorn Children's Foundation.

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