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Guinea Pig Eyeglass Holder

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Your Desk’s Cute + Smart Work Companion!

Embark on an adorable adventure with our delightful Guinea Pig Eyeglass Holder, expertly crafted to sprinkle charm and functionality over your workspace!

  • Nose-Propping Magic: Ever felt the struggle of misplacing your glasses? Worry no more! The guinea pig’s thoughtful nose is meticulously designed to hold your glasses, ensuring they are always in sight and within easy reach. Say goodbye to the daily spectacle scavenger hunt!

  • Multi-Tasking Marvel: More than a cute face! Our guinea pig doesn’t just hold your glasses with grace; it eagerly awaits the opportunity to cradle your pens and pencils. A harmonious haven for your essential tools, keeping your desk organized and spruced up!

Our ceramic Guinea Pig Eyeglass Holder is approximately 4 inches tall x 4 inches wide and is a fun addition to your desk or workspace!