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Offensive-ish Crayons

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Not your normal box of crayons...

Say goodbye to your old boring crayon box of politically correct colors and say hello to our Offensive-ish Crayon Box of 24 blunt, direct, whoa they went there, debatable, and irreverent colors.

Include the popular and offensive:

  • Vaping Douche Violet
  • Midlife Crisis Gray
  • Glass of Whine
  • Participation Trophy Gold
  • Victim Blame Blue
  • Eating Your Feelings Orange

Hey Karen, NO these are NOT for kids. We are "Perpetual Kid"... you know, like older people with a mischievous inner child. Please note: If you purchase these crayons and then send an email complaining that you were offended... you will be banned from shopping with us again! S E R I O U S L Y! Offensive-ish Crayons are not for sensitive folks!