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IV Plant Life Support Drip

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Feed me, Seymour!

Don't leaf your plants in the murderous hands of a friend or a relative while you are away on that dream trip! Our IV Plant Life Support system will drip feed everything your plant needs for the duration of your vacation. Peace of mind - it's the 'root' of all happiness.

Designed to look like a miniature medical IV drip bag, it is suitable for small house plants, and will keep your plant automatically watered for up to 7 days!

Easy to assemble! Includes "Directions for Use" directly on the H20 bag:

  • Fill the bag with water & connect the flow regulator.
  • Hang the bag on the hook provided and push the arrow dripper into the soil.
  • Set the flow regulator dial to "Open" until the water begins to flow.
  • Set the flow regulator dial to '20'.
  • IMPORTANT If the flow of water has noticeably stopped, increase the regulator to '50'.

It's a hilarious gift for the registered plant murder in your group, as well as for nurses, doctors, and other essential medical workers!

Each Plant Life Support contains x1 350ml IV bag, x1 metal peg, x1 valve, x1 dripper. Packaging made from 100% recycled paper. Simple assembly. Our IV Plant Life Support Drip is your plants life line.