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Lil' Nitro World's Hottest Gummy Bear

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Unleash the fiery fury!

Are you ready for Lil' Nitro?.. the cosmos' most blazing gummy bear! Spawned in the infernal pits of the USA by the mischievous alchemists at Flamethrower Candy Company, this menacing munchkin is armed with a jaw-dropping 9 million Scoville units of molten chili madness, catapulting your taste buds into a scorching oblivion 900 times hotter than a jalapeño’s jealous blaze!

Embark on the ludicrous "Lil’ Nitro Challenge", if you dare! Rules? Devour this demonic delight, full chew, no mercy! Survive its wrath without a droplet of relief until its volcanic vendetta vanishes! Will you emerge victorious or be consumed by the capsaicin calamity?

  • Inside the box? Just one solitary bear, packing enough heat to singe your taste buds and challenge your bravery. It's not just candy; it's an experience. So, if you think you're brave enough to face the fiery fury of Lil’ Nitro, buckle up!

  • Warning: this explosive 0.1 oz weapon of mass combustion is not a candy for the cowardly. Braced for the brave, seasoned spice sorcerers aged 14+ shall only venture. Protect the innocent - keep it quarantined from kids and pets!

Experience this ludicrously hot gummy apocalypse at your own risk, with extreme, trembling caution! Dare to dance with Lil’ Nitro’s daunting inferno, and you might just survive to tell the torrid tale of the world’s most tumultuous, tastebud-terrorizing gummy bear! 🐻🔥