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Finger Breakdancing Kit

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Body rockin'? Try finger poppin' and some knuckle crack-a-lacking!

You've gotta hand it to our Finger Breakdancing Kit! It may be the new kid on the block, but it's coming in hitting hard! With it's fresh beats, and new kicks it's about to show your desktop who's boss!

Time to break out your sickest moves and pop, drop, and freeze with this old skool kit!

  • Pair of mini kicks for your fingers
  • Cardboard mat,
  • Instructional mini book, and
  • Mini boombox that plays some funky fresh beats for aspiring finger B-boys and B-girls!

Got two left feet? Maybe your hand has been holding out on you all of these years! Slip on a fresh pair of sneakers, pump up the jam, and we betcha your moonwalk will be surprisingly on point! Next add some flare go on from there! Watch some classic breakdancing, street battle movies like Breakin' and Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo, and get inspiration from the mini instructional breakdance book!

Our Finger Breakdancing Kit includes a tiny pair of white sneakers, cardboard mat, mini breakdance book, and mini boombox! Measures approximately 1.0 inch long x 2.88 inches wide x 1.88 inches tall. Any 80's lover will appreciate our Finger Breakdancing Kit as a gift!