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Teeny-Tiny Trampoline

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Take finger tapping to new heights!

Feel like you're working your fingers to the bone? Give 'em a break from doing all of the heavy lifting. Instead, let your fingers do the walking away from the keyboard and bounce their cares away on our Teeny-Tiny Trampoline Kit! This set comes with a mini trampoline, two totally 80's "leg warmers" (you've got to keep those fingers toasty and flexible!), and a hilarious book of exercises.

  • Teeny-Tiny Trampoline: Let's Bounce!
  • Go on, crack those knuckles, stretch those digits, and start sweating to the oldies!
  • Slip the two lavender "legwarmers" onto your fingers and hop onto the mini trampoline
  • A fun way to rebound from a busy work day or boring conference call!
  • Includes a 32-page mini-book - a guide on fun, effective Finger Bounce moves and exercises for tired or out-of-shape fingers
  • A fun office gift idea and can double as a doll or action figure trampoline!

Take a reprieve from a stressful workday or your hectic schedule with a rejuvenating finger workout! Why should the middle one have all of the fun?

The trampoline is approximately 3 inches in diameter. Minibook measures approximately 2.5 inches x 3 inches. Give those fingers a much-needed break (or some rigorous training) and jump around on your very own Teeny-Tiny Trampoline!