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Really Good At Taking Naps Award Ribbon

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Being a professional napper is a skill worth celebrating!

Do you know someone who can fall asleep faster than a sloth on a rainy Monday morning? Well, it's time to celebrate their incredible talent with this prestigious award ribbon!

The perfect gift for that friend or family member who can turn any surface into a cozy nap haven. Whether it's the couch, the car, or even a park bench, they've mastered the art of snoozing, and it's time they got recognized for it!

This retro satin ribbon is like the award ribbons you used to get as a kid in school, but with a twist of humor. It's adorned with iconic gold foil accents, making it shine brighter than your friend's dreams of a world where naps are an Olympic sport. 

Measuring approximately 1 5/8 inches wide x 6 inches long, it's the perfect size to proudly display your napping prowess. And it comes on an 8-inch long x 2-inch wide greeting backing card, which is basically your podium for receiving this well-deserved honor.

So, whether you're gifting it to the nap master in your life or proudly displaying it yourself, our Really Good At Taking Naps Award Ribbon is here to remind us all that when it comes to napping, some people are not just good – they're champs!