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The Shocking Truth Quiz Game

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The ultimate battle of brains & nerves 🧠⚡😬

This shockingly fun quiz game involves two to 6 players willingly sticking their fingers into an electric shock buzzer, then attempting to answer general knowledge trivia questions correctly. You get the idea... but to spell it out. If you answer the question correctly, no shocky-shocky, but if you answer wrong... you may be in for the shock of your life.

  • The Shocking Truth Quiz Game
  • An electrifying trivia to play with 2-6 players
  • Includes an electric shock inducing buzzer and 400 general knowledge quiz cards.
  • A welcome gift for the know-it-all in the group, and a dangerously fun drinking game.
  • May Zeus be with you! ⚡

Includes 400 general knowledge questions, 1 electric shock buzzer, 1 die, 6 game pieces, 8 shock tokens, 20 life tokens, and instruction booklet. Game box measures approximately 9.5 inches tall x 10.6 inches wide x 3.3 inches deep.

WARNING: This product emits an electric shock and may interfere with electronic health equipment. This product should NOT be used by persons with pacemakers, heart problems, epilepsy or any other similar or related illnesses.