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Yoo-Hoo Candy Bar

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Remember those quirky, old-school Yoo-Hoo drinks that made childhood oh-so-sweet? Dive into a splash of nostalgia with the Yoo-Hoo Milk Chocolate Candy Bar! It's that fun, weird, and unusual drink from our yesteryears, but now, revamped in a munchable form.

The scrumptiousness of chocolate candy and the creamy richness of the classic Yoo-Hoo drink. The result? A chocolate bar of heaven that feels like a throwback party in your mouth!

Whether you're craving your sweet chocolate memories, sharing a treat with friends, or introducing the younger generation to a blast from the past, this candy bar won't disappoint.

Dive into the past with a modern twist. Snag a Yoo-Hoo Milk Chocolate Candy Bar and experience a timeless treat that's bound to be a new favorite!

One 4.5 oz bar.