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I Complete Me Cat Rainbow Suncatcher Decal

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Rainbow-making kitty cat magic suncatcher !

Meet your new home decor BFF, our 'I Complete Me Cat Rainbow Maker Suncatcher Decal'! This cute chonky cat is all you need to bathe your living space in magical rainbows. Stick it on any window basking in direct sunlight, and voilà! Watch those rainbows scatter across the room like confetti at a cat paw-ty!

But wait, there's more! Just look at that adorable kitty living her best life in perfect harmony with herself and nature. She's got it all figured out - she completes herself, and so do you! Let the feline wisdom inspire you to embrace your awesomeness!

Oh, did we mention it's super easy to use? You get one suncatcher decal that's repositionable and removable. So you can play around with it until it's purr-fectly in place! The suncatcher decal measures 3.5 inches x 4 inches of rainbow goodness.

Now, let's get to the rainbow-making magic!

Suncatcher Directions (It's like creating catnip for rainbows!):

  • Find a sunny spot! Choose a window that gets plenty of direct sunlight - the sun's gotta do its thing!
  • Clean is queen! Make sure your window surface is squeaky clean. Get it wet! Spray the area with water or use a wet towel or cloth.
  • Peel and place! Gently peel your decal from the backing and stick the adhesive side on the wet glass. Give it a little wiggle and slide to find the purr-fect spot.
  • Squeegee time! Push out any excess water and air bubbles. You can use a squeegee, cardboard, or even a coaster - get creative!
  • Patience, dear human! If your suncatcher looks a bit milky, don't worry. It'll dry up beautifully within 3 days, just like a cat napping in the sun.
  • Ta-da! Now, bask in the glory of your new gorgeous rainbows, and let the cat-tastic vibes fill your home with joy!

    Made with love in the USA. So go ahead, embrace the rainbow, and let the cat magic sprinkle happiness all around you!"