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A-mews-ing Kitten Keychain With LED + Sound

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Does the dark leave you feeling like a bit of a scaredy-cat? 🙀

Have no fear! Our totally A-mews-ing Kitten Sound LED Key Light is the purrfect way to meow your way to the front door! They're also happy to help you find misplaced items lurking in the depths of your purse... all the while bringing a sweet kitten sound to calm your nerves.

  • A-mews-ing Kitten Keychain With LED + Sound
  • This kitten is ready to come to the rescue with a soothing purr to light your way!
  • Offering more than just a meow, light pours out of its mouth like an angelic hair ball.
  • Bring home a grey or black kitten - they will choose you, exactly as they purr-fur to do.
  • A cute gift idea! You can give one to your soon-to-be significant other, with a key to your place attached, if and when your kitty gives them a passing grade.

A sweet-faced gray or black Kitten Sound LED Key light gives you the best of both worlds--a light to help find your keys and a sweet kitten attached to the keys. Made from rubberized ABS but made all sweet with cartoon-like features,

Grey or Black. (We'll select the color well actually, they will choose you!) One kitty cat LED light glowing from their mouths. Measures approximately 1.8 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x 2.1 inches tall. Made of rubberized ABS, LED. Our A-Mews-ing Kitten Sound LED Key Light is the purrfect gift for cat lovers!