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Canine Chaos Card Game

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Get ready to howl with laughter!

Join this A-list cast of canine celebrities in our Canine Chaos Card Game for a fast and frantic card-swapping game of canine craziness. With 25 hilarious canine celebrity characters included, can you claim your way to victory by collecting the most sets. It's a barking good game.

Play begins when the youngest player shouts 'Woof!' Take a quick peek at each of your piles and decide which dog-suits you want to collect. You can always change your mind as the game progresses. When you have turned all of your piles into complete dog-suits shout out 'Who's The Doggy!' The first to do this wins the game.

  • Simple to pick up, difficult to put down
  • Claim victory by collecting the most sets
  • 25 hilarious canine celebrity characters included
  • Barking great gift for any canine lover

Measures approx 3.5 inches x 5.5 inches x .75 inch. Perfect for 2 or more people. Canine Chaos Card Game contains 100 playing cards (25 sets of 4 cards; each set is referred to as a dog-suit).