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Hatch 'N' Grow Bigfoot

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Unleash your inner cryptozoologist!

Hatch 'N' Grow Bigfoot, the quirkiest member of our DIY toy kingdom! Imagine a world where Bigfoot isn't hiding in the woods but chilling in your water pitcher, waiting to grow from a tree trunk.!

Submerge this legendary forest fella's tree stump in H2O, and watch in awe as he breaks out and sprouts up to 4 inches tall,  More fun than screaming "Sasquatch sighting" in the middle of of a crowded campground! Ideal for kiddos with a penchant mysterious wonders, and big foot-sized surprises.

  • Just add to water
  • The Yeti will grow up to 4-inches tall, 3-times its size!

Looking for the ultimate winter holiday gift? Snow problem! Bigfoot’s got you covered. Because who wouldn’t want a growing forest giant under their Christmas tree?

Catch the elusive creature before he goes back into hiding with Hatch 'N' Grow Bigfoot!