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Kids vs Adults Trivia Card Game

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Who's the boss?

Unearth the household champion with the Kids Vs Adults Trivia Game! A thrilling trivia showdown for your family. Dive into exhilarating trivia bouts and find out who reigns supreme: children or grown-ups?

  • Family Trivia Fun - Test the wits of your family members in this snappy trivia face-off! Engage in both simple and tricky questions tailored for youngsters and adults to rack up those points.
  • Quick and Captivating - Dive into speedy game sessions filled with excitement in this children vs parents challenge. React promptly and multiply your points, or risk losing them, based on the round's mode: Regular Play, Switch Play, or Double Trouble.
  • Perfect for Brief or Extended Play - Our trivia deck, catering to both adults and youngsters, shines during family gatherings, even for a duo. Suitable for ages 8 and up. Choose your game's duration; we recommend 10-15 rounds for an amplified experience.
  • A Duel for All - Divide participants into two factions: Young Whiz Kids and Seasoned Adults. Use a spinner to set the round type. Initiating with the Young Team, both sides delve into questions from both worlds. Matches span 15-30 minutes, with the highest scorers claiming victory.

Box measures approximately 1.6 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep and includes 80 trivia cards. Play Kids Vs Adults and find out who is the real champ at home!