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Cotton Candy Mints

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Childhood in a tin!

The whimsical world of Cotton Candy Mints! These aren't your grandma's peppermints – no sir! Imagine the magic of a carnival, shrunk into a tiny, sugar-free mint. That's right, we've captured the joy of fluffy cotton candy without the stickiness on your fingers!

These mints are a ticket to your childhood, minus the skinned knees and curfews. They're packed with natural flavors and are so free from artificial colors they could win a freedom award. Kosher? Check. Non-GMO? You bet. Gluten-free? Absolutely! And all this goodness comes in a nifty 50g tin that's as cute as a button.

So, if you want to relive those carefree days of running around with cotton candy in one hand and hope in your heart, pop one in your mouth. Our Cotton Candy Mints are like a fair in your mouth, without the long lines. Enjoy~