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Finger Weightlifting Set

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Is your middle finger the only one receiving a regular workout?

It's time to beef up your knuckle sandwich with our Finger Weightlifting Set! They won't know what hit them!

This one-of-a-kind miniature weightlifting set lets you pump some iron–with your fingers!

Kit includes:

  • 1 metal barbell
  • 4 rubber weight plates
  • 1 metal kettle-bell weight
  • 1 resistance band
  • 32-page mini book
  • 1 finger sweatband

And let's talk about that embarrassingly wimpy handshake of yours... With a little bit of weight training your pact maker will make a huge impact!

Need to get your ring finger in shape for the big day? Could your poking finger use some more oomph? It's time to let your pinkie finally start to pull it's weight and show you what it's made of!

Got a buddy who's stuck at a desk job and is constantly complaining about not being active enough? This is the perfect gag gift to make light of the situation!

Let your fingers due the walking right to your desktop gym, and watch your typing, texting, and finger-pointing skills greatly improve over time!

Our Finger Weightlifting Set is a miniature 9 piece set designed to increase your giggles and dexterity with increased repetitions. Excellent size for a stocking stuffer! THis mini kit meastures approximately 3 inches x 2 inches x 3.4 inches. Our Finger Weightlifting Set is ready to pump you up!