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Official Cat Lady Level Crazy Achieved Award Ribbon

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Because being a cat lady is a whole different level of awesomeness!

Are you the proud owner of more cat-related merchandise than regular clothes? Do you schedule your day around your cat's naptime? Have you ever referred to your fur babies as your "children"? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then congratulations, you are a certified crazy cat lady!

But fear not, fellow feline fanatic, because we've got the purr-fect award for you! Our retro satin ribbon is like those fancy awards you used to get in school, but with a hilarious twist. It's adorned with iconic gold foil accents that shimmer as brightly as your cat's eyes when they see a laser pointer.

Measuring approximately 1 5/8 inches wide x 6 inches long, this ribbon proudly declares your cat lady status for all to see. It even comes on an 8-inch long x 2-inch wide greeting backing card, because we know you'll want to display it proudly on your cat-themed shrine (aka your living room).

So go ahead, wear your crazy cat lady title like a badge of honor, and let the world know that you've achieved the highest level of cat lady-ship. Your cats may not appreciate the ribbon, but they'll definitely appreciate the extra attention they're about to receive.