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Oscar Mayer Gummy Hot Dogs

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Unleash the sizzle without the flame!

Oscar Mayer’s Gummy Hot Dogs transform your snack time into a barbeque fiesta, with these delectably chewy, fruit-flavored BBQ marvels that will tickle your taste buds with a symphony of sweetness. No charcoal, no propane, just an explosion of gummy goodness in every mouthwatering bite. 🌭

In every pack, you'll unwrap five incredible imitations of the iconic Oscar Mayer™ wieners, weighing in at a hefty total of 4.4 oz of pure, sugar joy. Marvel at their uncanny resemblance to America’s beloved hot dogs, curated meticulously for the ultimate snack-time gag or as a whimsical wonder for the weiner enthusiast in your life!

Get ready to relish (pun intended!) in the delightful surprise of these hilarious yet delicious carnivalesque confections. Grasp the fun, embrace the whimsy, and ketchup with the hilariously tasty world of Oscar Mayer Gummy Hot Dogs! 🌭🍬