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Ginormous Unicorn Yard Sprinkler FAQ's
When you place/placed your order, you are shown your estimated ship date before you checkout. Your estimated ship date can then also been found in your order confirmation email.  Previous estimated shipping dates are now estimated to ship on 5/22 due to an unforeseen delay with Big Mouth beyond our control.  Orders placed TODAY will ship on 6/29.

Your order guarantees you will receive a Ginormous Unicorn Yard Sprinkler.   We are unable to move up your delivery date on request... that just wouldn’t be fair to the other unicorn lovers! We ship in the order of when customer orders were placed.

Your estimated ship date is the date we expect your order to leave our warehouse based on the following:

  • Our expected receiving date from the BigMouth, Inc. factory.
  • No unseen delays in manufacturing, transit due to weather conditions, or a longer than average time in U.S. Customs.
  • Due to variable factors beyond our control, we are unable to guarantee an absolute specific ship or delivery date.

IMPORTANT: The product page on our website updates the expected shipping date in real time for new purchases. Our website's current expected date does not reflect a change to your expected date. The date on our website is updated as we sell through future replenishments.


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Write customer-service@perpetualkid.com if you have a question or comment about your order or placing an order.

Our overly excited customer service team will be arm wrestling each other to see who gets the chance to answer the email first. This is certainly the quickest way to get a response. During our business hours, all emails will be answered within 2 hours.  (Those wrestling matches last awhile sometimes.)

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