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Clean or Dirty Dishwasher Sign
Flipside Reversible Dishwasher Sign
Flipside Reversible Dishwasher Sign
Reversible Dishwasher Sign
Flipside Reversible Dishwasher Sign

Flipside Reversible Dishwasher Sign Shop more by Fred & Friends- World Wide Fred


Brilliant! Our clean or dirty dishwasher magnet is the best thing since sliced bread!

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Sorry We're Dirty / Come In We're Clean

Magnets... how do they work?  They're magic!  What we do know is that they keep our super retro styled FlipSide Reversible Dishwasher Sign attached to your dishwasher so you know if what's inside is clean or dirty!

Modeled after a retro "Sorry We're Closed" sign, this nifty little product will read Sorry We're Dirty or Come In We're Clean.  We've taken all the guesswork out of doing your dishes.  All you have to do is remember to flip the sign. 

Oh, and stop sniffing the dishes.  Apparently that's weird.

Reversible magnetic plaque.  Self adhesive, non staining magnet included to place between the sign and the dishwasher. Works with all dishwashers.  Approximately 3.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall.

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Flipside Reversible Dishwasher Sign
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It's time to come clean and stop sniffing the dishes!

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