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Holy Roller Lint Roller


Oh, heavens! Your clothes are covered in pet hair again!

Time for some divine intervention! Our hilarious Holy Roller Lint Roller is ready to help roll that damned fur off your favorite black sweater!

A fun gift for your church going pals, or you may be compelled to give it to your friend that would probably burst into flames entering one! Either way, we're damn sure it will have them rolling in laughter!

Holy Roller is an iconic 60-sheet lint roller that’s ready to wipe away a multitude of sins. It's time to clean up your act before the day of reckoning! Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness!

Made of PP plastic, Holy Roller fits Evercare® and Ikea® lint roller refills. Our Holy Roller Lint Roller was designed by Winsor Pop, Fred Studio.

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