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Mini Space Cat UFO Sticker


Unidentified Feline Object?

Silly kitty! The identity of this purr-ticular UFO was recently declassified... it's our Mini Space Cat Sticker! We'd know that adorable feline space traveler anywhere! Batting its antenna bopper through space, faster than the speed of sound, this supersonic space kitty is ready to be taken to your leader, to be given lots of love, chin scratches, and kitty treats!

This sticker can even go through the dishwasher, and has a UV coating to protect from fading if this little fella flies to close to the sun!

  • Original vector illustration of a cat zoomin' through outer space
  • Water-proof, Weatherproof, Fade-Resistant, and Dishwasher safe!
  • Vinyl sticker measures 2 inches wide x 1.3 inches tall
  • Made in the USA!

Mini vinyl sticker. Weatherproof, UV Resistant, and Dishwasher safe! Illustrated and designed by Pittsburgh artist Emily McGaughey.  Our Mini Space Cat Sticker is a fun gift for ufos and kitties from all parts of the galaxy. 

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