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Best F*cking B*tches Necklace Set

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What do you give to the one person who has been through thick and thin, the good, the bad, and the ugly and still puts up with your sh*t and loves you like no other? Well, until they need a kidney, try sharing a laugh with your BFF by presenting them with half of our Best F*cking B*tches Heart Necklace!

What better way to celebrate your best friend forever than with with this fun and edgy conversation piece! Choose between gold or silver. And if you can't decide here's some thoughts to ponder.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and a lot of times it's our BFF reminding us to look on the bright side of life! BAM! Silver it is!

But like the old Brownie/Girl Scout song goes... Make new friends, but keep the old... one is silver and the other gold! If they also happen to be big fans of The Golden Girls then this may be the color for the two of you!

Zinc Alloy. Silver or Gold tone. Pendant comes in 2 halves. Each measures approximately 1/5 inches x 1 inch. Chain length is 18 inches in length.