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Cat Chaos Card Game

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This game is a-meow-zing!

If you're feline lucky join this A-list cast of feline celebrities in our Cat Chaos Card Game! A fast and frantic card-swapping game of feline madness. The game includes 25 hilarious cat celebrity cards. The aim of Cat Chaos is to be the first player to turn all of your card piles into complete cat-suits. Can you claw your way to victory by collecting the most sets?

Cat Chaos is a pun heavy card game of epic cat proportions! Players need to collect cards and swap them to reach cat-matching success! As they play they'll meet Pawdrey Hepburn, David Meowie and many, many more as they try and swap themselves to the highest score and win the game!

When you complete a cat-suit, shout out the name of the celebri-cat e.g. Hairy Potter and turn your completed cat-suit pile face up in front of you. When you have turned all of your piles into complete cat-suits shout out 'Cat Whiskers!' The first to do this wins the game.

  • Easy & fun to play
  • Warning: lots of cat puns!
  • 25 hilarious feline celebrity characters included
  • Purr-fect gift for any cat lover

Measures approx 3.5 inches x 5.5 inches x .75 inch. Perfect for 2 or more people. Cat Chaos Card Game contains 100 playing cards (25 sets of 4 cards; each set is referred to as a cat-suit) and is for all ages and two or more players.