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Christmas Tartan Plaid Shoelaces

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Get your sneakers in the holiday spirit! 

Step up your shoe game this holiday season with our snazzy Christmas Tartan Plaid Shoelaces! These laces add a sprinkle of festive cheer to any pair of kicks.

We're so in love with these laces- they're like a are like a warm holiday hug for your shoes. Grab a pair and make your sneakers the talk of the town - or at least the talk of the ugly sweater party!

  • Made in the USA by women-owned company
  • 45" laces, typically 5-6 eyelets
  • Metal aglets, so no frays
  • Made in small batches

Since each pair is crafted in small batches, making them as special as your grandma's secret cookie recipe. Give your shoes a festive makeover with these Christmas Tartan Plaid Shoelaces. It's like a holiday party for your feet!

Christmas Tartan Plaid Shoelaces are each 45 inches long which is 5-6 eyelets on a traditional low-top Converse sneaker. Made in Los Angeles, CA with love by a women-owned company.