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Desktop Cat Vac

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Bump. Spin. Meow. Behold this cat and its mighty steed

A pawsitively fun gift for cat lovers, our Desktop Cat Vac will allow you to hold one of your favorite internet memes in the palm of your hand! Everyone has seen the cat riding the roomba - if not, you may live under a rock, or under the couch that most likely needs a robotic vacuum to help with all of that funk under there.

  • Desktop Cat Vac!
  • Push all of your worries to the other side of your desk and make some room-ba for this gem!
  • Inspired by the hilarious and popular internet meme of a cat riding a robotic vacuum.
  • No batteries needed; just wind-up and watch it go
  • Learn about the special bond between cats and vacuums, plus cleaning and organizing tips from your feline friends in this 32-page fully illustrated miniature book
  • It's the purrfect gift for cat lovers of all ages

This vacuum is a mode of cat transportation. It is not designed to clean up the mess on your desk. Rather, to spin around and keep you entertained during conference calls and the like!

Wind-up cat on play vacuum cleaner. Incudes mini book. Gift box measures approximately 4 inches x 2 inches x 3 inches. Do you know what gift doesn't suck? Our Desktop Cat Vac, of course!