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Desktop Door Slam With Sound!

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Boundaries. We've got them. 🚪💥

And now we have the door slam sound effect to boot! Our hilarious Desktop Door Slam is the booming punctuation you've been missing from your work day and office space. And it arrived just in time! We've barely gotten by without the satisfying slam of a phone hitting the receiver.

  • Desktop Door Slam!
  • Release your aggression with this mini spring-loaded door, with a big sound!
  • It's the perfect desk accessory for fun yet effective stress relief.
  • Includes a 3-inch tall "door" that's ready to be slammed shut when needed
  • The door electronically produces a satisfying SLAM sound effect to add emphasis to the end of a conversation.
  • Includes a mini book of The Definitive (And Totally True) History of Door Slamming.
  • It's the perfect gift for the aggressive and/or passive-aggressive co-worker, classmate, friend, or family member in your life!

Sound-producing miniature slamming door. Includes a 32-page, 2.5 inch wide x 3 inch tall humorous mini book with full-color illustrations. Our Desktop Door Slam! is the venting mechanism your inner child so desperately needs!