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Fart Sound Machine Box

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Unleash the farts! No smells, only laughs!toy

Brace yourself for some rib-tickling, side-splitting, and downright hilarious moments with our Fart Box Sound Machine! Oh, but fear not - this mischievous gadget is all about sounds and giggles, leaving any unwanted smells far, far away!

Be the master of mirth and grab your Fart Box Sound Machine today! Because, let's face it, farts are funny - and they just got a whole lot funnier!

Calling all bathroom humor enthusiasts, kids-at-heart, and pranksters - this sound machine is your ticket to endless amusement. Whether you're looking to entertain kids with uproarious laughter or tickle the funny bones of adults who are kids at heart, the Fart Box is a guaranteed hit!

  • 12 Different Types of Farts: We've curated a symphony of flatulence! From classic to quirky, our fart sound collection will leave you gasping for breath (in a good way, of course).
  • Lots of Silly Fun: It's impossible not to crack up! This little sound machine packs an arsenal of laughs that'll keep the good times rolling.
  • Prank Friends and Family: Want to turn any gathering into a laugh fest? Just press the button, release the sound, and watch the hilarity unfold. Your friends and family won't know what hit them!

Our Fart Box Sound Machine is perfect for:

  • Prank Battles: Who can trigger the funniest reaction? Challenge your buddies to the ultimate prank-off!
  • Gag Gifts: Need a gift that'll bring non-stop chuckles? Look no further - our Fart Box is the ultimate crowd-pleaser.
  • Stress Relief: Feeling stressed? Laughter is the best medicine, and this sound machine has the remedy!
  • Embrace the playful side of life and add the Fart Box Sound Machine to your collection of giggle-inducing gadgets. It's the perfect icebreaker, mood-lifter, and mood-maker for any occasion.

So, if you've got a nose for humor and a love for all things funny, this sound machine is a must-have in your arsenal of amusement. The perfect hand held size of approximately inches x 2.5 inches. Uses a replaceable coin battery.

Get ready to laugh, snicker, and toot your way to a happier, more laughter-filled day.