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Find The Face Party Game

by Pikkii

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Fun + Fast-Paced Party Game

Get ready for a fun night in with your friends and family as you test your knowledge of celebrities with Find The Face!

Let the dice decide if you describe, act out or imitate the celebrity, then watch your friends and family scramble through the famous faces to find the chosen face first.

How to play:

  1. Scatter the 80 celebrities out over the table. The youngest player starts by rolling the dice. The dice dictates what clues they will give: description, impression, act out, describe in 1 word, describe in 3 words, or simply say their name.
  2. That player must now discreetly choose any celebrity from the cards on table, then give the clues for who that celebrity is to the other players, based on the symbol on the dice.
  3. The other players must then quickly try to find the chosen celebrity’s face before their opponents by placing their finger on the celebrity they think it is.
  4. The first player to touch the correct card wins and gets to keep that card in their win pile. If a player touches the wrong celebrity, they lose a card to the winner of that round.
  5. The first to collect 10 cards wins the game!

Find The Face Party Game box contains: 1 dice, 80 celebrity face cards, instructions & endless fun! Best for ages ages 12 and up, 3 or more players, 15 mins to play.