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Finger Yoga Mini Kit

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Bend, Stretch, Relax. Yoga-t to try it for yourself!

Bliss is just within (your fingers') reach when you practice with our Finger Yoga Mini Kit! Step your tired fingers into a pair of teeny yoga pants, roll out your desktop mat, and give those tired digits a stretch (or a workout) with Finger Yoga!

This totally ommmmm-some kit is the perfect gift for yogis! It includes:

  • Mini yoga pants to wear on the pointer and middle fingers
  • A desktop yoga mat
  • Two mini yoga blocks
  • A 32-page illustrated mini book with instructions for finger yoga poses

We know, we know... you're all like 'Yoga't to be kidding me!' How about you try opening your mind, man. Sure, it's a bit of a stretch, but psoas yoga. Seriously, just calm down dog. There's really no reason to get all bent out of shape! Ommm. Maybe it's time you 'find yourself' in yoga class.

Got a holiday or birthday coming up around the bend? We're sure there's a poser in your life that would bend over backwards to try on these teeny weeny yoga pants, and have some fun!

Set includes - mini yoga mat, mini yoga pants, 2 tiny yoga blocks, and a miniature 32 page book detailing finger yoga poses. Box measures approximately 3 inches x 1.8 inches x 3.2 inches. It's the perfect size for a stocking stuffer, or Easter Basket goodie! Our Finger Yoga Mini Kit by Running Press is a hilarious gift for yoga lovers!