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Fridge Lunch Box

by SuckUK

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Step Back in Time with Our "Cool" Retro Lunch Box

Hey there, time travelers and lunchtime adventurers! Get ready to experience the nostalgia of yesteryears with our totally rad retro Fridge Lunch Box! It's not just any lunchbox – it's a blast from the past, with a capacity big enough to satisfy even the hungriest kids and adults! Get ready to pack your favorite treats and meals in true old-school style.

Imagine the days when fridges had a charm of their own, and guess what? Our Fridge Lunch Box captures that very essence! The metal lunchbox takes the form of a vintage refrigerator, complete with an "old-school fridge" style latching handle. It's like carrying a mini time machine filled with tasty treasures!

But that's not all – here's where the fun really kicks in! We're throwing in a set of 150 "fridge magnet" vinyl stickers, featuring letters, numbers, and symbols. Personalize your lunch box with your name, witty quotes, or funky messages – let your creativity run wild! With these classic fridge magnet-style stickers, you'll have a blast every time you pack your lunch.

To keep this gem shining bright through the ages, we've added a protective lacquer coating that guards against rust and the rigors of day-to-day use. So, you can carry this piece of nostalgia wherever your adventures take you, and it'll stand the test of time like a champ!

Whether you're a seasoned time traveler or a curious lunchtime explorer, our Retro Fridge Lunch Box is the ultimate companion for your daily quests. Perfect for school, work, picnics, or just about any occasion – it's more than a lunchbox; it's a statement piece that brings back the glory days of the past!

So, why settle for boring lunch carriers when you can have a "cool" Retro Lunch Box that's bursting with personality and character? Grab yours now, customize it with the alphabet stickers, and take a tasty trip down memory lane every time you open it! Time travel never tasted this good!

Measures approximately 5 inches side x 9.5 inches tall.