Furpinator Gross Out Memory Game

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Rude, crude, and socially unacceptable.

Burps, farts, and laughter is what our Furpinator Gross Out Memory Game is all about! It's a disgustingly fun game of memory, speed, and digestive distress. If you’re uncomfortable with potty humor, this game is not for you. Butt, just maybe... it's time you loosen up. This game may act like a laughter laxative for those with a backed-up sense of humor.

  • Follow the sounds of burps and farts. Replicate the sounds to score.
  • Squeeze the Furpinator to Burp! Mash to Fart!
  • 3 play modes – memory, rapid repeat and free-for-all!
  • The longer you last the faster it plays, the higher you score!
  • Fart+Burp=Furp. This game is a real gas!

Simon says... memory skills, fast reactions and a sense of humor required! A fun game to enjoy with friends and family, you'll laugh your butt off as you play.

Includes one battery operated memory game. 3 AAA batteries included. Measures approximately 2.75 x 2 x 5.25 inches. Our Furpinator is a fun gift idea for immature (aka fun) adults, and potty humor loving kids!

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