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Giant Stress Ball

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Stressed out?

You knead to try our Giant Stress Ball!

For those moments when you feel like ringing someones neck, just grab this giant squishy ball and squeeze your cares way! Before you know it, you'll have squeezed your way to peaceful and tranquil thoughts.

This colorful, super soft ball provides a healthy dose of color therapy along with a tactile outlet for your frustrations. Blue is a calming peaceful color, and is also a color associated with the throat chakra which relates to self expression - speech, communication, the ability to communicate our needs and requirements. So what better way to release the energy associated with biting your tongue in a meetings or stopping yourself from calling out someone else's sh*tty behavior than this durable stretchy ball!

Wow! What a relief! Just squeeze and knead this giant stress ball to experience the bliss that comes from keeping your composure rather than blowing your top.

Includes one giant stress releasing ball. Measures approximately 10 inches in diameter. Our Giant Stress Ball by Play Visions is a fun gift for coworkers!