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Distract-O-Mat Ice Cream Cone Dog Lick Mat

by Fred

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A tasty tongue teaser!

Have you ever tried to wrangle a wiggly pup during bath time, only to end up with more water on the floor than on Fido? Or perhaps you've engaged in the ear-cleaning tango, darting left as your doggie jives right? Worry no more, pet parents! Our Ice Cream Cone Distract-O-Mat is here to turn your pooch’s primping time into a party!

  • Taste the Fun! Designed to resemble a delectable ice cream cone, this lick mat promises a scoop of fun and a sprinkle of distraction. Simply smear your dog’s favorite peanut butter treat onto the mat and watch them go to town! It's the tasty tongue teaser that will have tails wagging faster than you can say "good boy!"
  • Stick It & Chill! Crafted from the highest quality rubber and silicone, this durable delight sticks to any smooth, flat surface like magic. 
  • Perfect Size for Every Pup! Measures approximately 8 inches long x 4.5 inches wide. 

So say goodbye to the splashy bath battles and the grooming wiggle-wars. With our Ice Cream Cone Distract-O-Mat Lick Mat, your dog will be too busy savoring the good stuff to fuss.