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I'm Offline - Shhh! Earplugs

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What noise does a waterfall make? Shhhhhhhh.

Our cheeky I'm Offline - Shhh! Earplugs are the perfect gift for someone who really needs a break form all of the chitter-chatter before they themselves break.

A step-up from keeping your earbuds in (when you don't have any music playing) to avoid human contact. Earplugs send a clear message that you're unavailable at the moment. An in-person away message, if you will. A survival tool for when you need to chill out, clear the cobwebs, or require laser focus.

Our super quality, easy to use earplugs will (very quietly) amuse and be used by travelers, readers, exam takers snoozers and disco nappers of all ages. Making a statement in every way, these little packs are designed to catch the eye (and fit the ear) of the peace loving and are an ideal extra gift. Something to shout about... quietly!

Set of 2. Red. High-quality foam. Give the gift of silence with our I'm Offline - Shhh! Earplugs!