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Retro Secret Agent Spy Pens

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Unveil the Mysterious World of Spy Pens!

Are you ready to embark on a covert communication journey like no other? Introducing our Secret Agent Spy Pens, the "write" stuff for classified chit-chats!

With these retro spy pens, you can share top-secret intel with your confidants without a hitch! Scribble away with the invisible ink, and when the moment calls for revelation, simply unleash the mighty UV light from the pen's lid! It's like magic, only way more espionage-tastic!

But wait, that's not all! In this top-notch set, you get not one but TWO fabulous spy pens! A black and red pen, perfect for your undercover operations in style! It's the pen duo that even James Bond would envy!

These pens are double agents! Not only do they expose hidden messages, but they also excel at concealing your covert scribbles amidst their ordinary, clear-writing pen facade! It's a pen that's as deceptive as a master of disguise!
  • Includes 2 pens
  • One red, one black
  • Illustrated gift box
  • 3x AG3 batteries included
Our Secret Agent Spy Pens come in an enigmatic gift box, making them the ultimate present for any occasion. Whether you're planning to surprise a fellow secret agent or unleash the inner spy in your kids, these pens are bound to be a hit!

Everyone deserves a taste of thrilling espionage, from undercover grown-ups to little secret agents-in-training! Kids of all ages will love our Secret Agent Spy Pens.