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Jumbo Sweet-Ish Fish Squeezy Toy

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Our Sweet-Ish Fish is the catch of the day!

Introducing the Jumbo Sweet-Ish Fish, the largest, squishiest, and funniest Swedish Fish you've ever seen! But hey, don't try to eat it, folks, because this chewy specimen is nonedible,!

Prepare to meet a fish out of water like you've never seen before! This beastly Sweet-Ish Fish will impress you with its captivating solid red hue, textured scales, and intricate fishy details. Standing tall at a whopping 7.25 inches, this toy is an absolute legend in the squeeze'n'squish world!

Each Sweet-Ish Fish comes individually wrapped, waiting to be unleashed from its see-through plastic packet. It's like being let out of your own little aquarium – a delightful surprise for sure! Squish it, stretch it, give it a gentle squeeze - this incredible fish-shaped toy will always bounce back, just like your favorite comedy movie character!

Trust us, folks, this Sweet-Ish Fish is the catch of the day! With its individual packaging, it's perfect for all you fancy folks out there. And it doesn't stop there! Get your very own fishy friend in a stylish, Fish-themed bag – a fashion statement that will have jaws dropping everywhere you go!

So, forget about those tasty gummy candies for a moment and dive into the hilarious world of the Jumbo Sweet-Ish Fish. It's a truly "unfishgettable" experience that will leave you laughing, stretching, and squishing until you're complete as a clownfish at a comedy club! Don't miss out on this awesome toy – get yours now and let the squishing begin!